Volunteers make a real difference here at the NZ National Maritime Museum and we are pleased to have such a dedicated team.

Volunteers are engaged in a wide variety of projects from researching public inquiries in our extensive resource library/archives, to being skipper or crew on the scow TED ASHBY, steam launch PUKE or sailing ship BREEZE. Others are assisting in the restoration of our historic vessels or working around the museum, while some volunteers chose to be hosts and hostesses in and around the Museum meeting a wide variety of people.

If you have some spare time (or know of someone who has) why not join us as a Volunteer. You do not have to be an expert either in museums or boats. We welcome all who would like to give some time to help us and in turn learn something of New Zealand's maritime history.

Please contact Richard Pomeroy, Volunteer Coordinator and have a chat about what you might like to do.

It's a rewarding way to use some free time beneficially!

Volunteer guide with tour group on Ted Ashby

Volunteer News

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Orders for clothing are now being taken. Long-sleeve shirts are now available.

 The Volunteers Christmas party was held at the Auckland Zoo in December 2003. We express our gratitude to Auckland Zoo whose volunteers hosted us in regal fashion. The annual awards were not held, instead those volunteers who had been at the Museum since it opened were presented with special certificates and badges :  According to our records, the following Volunteers have been with us since the Museum opened (notes and comments by Richard Pomeroy, Volunteer Co-ordinator): Master on PUKE & BREEZE, affectionately known as ‘Captain Midnight’ whose nocturnal slumbers ensure no-one nods off on night watch - Ron Blackman; One time guide and now crew member and skipper of TED ASHBY and PUKE - Norbert Borges; Long serving TED ASHBY crew and lately museum host - Lawson Burgess; Librarian and steam engineer - David Edwards; Shipwright, maintenance man, master of BREEZE and muffin man - Peter Entwistle; Former crew of TED ASHBY and now guide - John Gabriel; Museum Trustee and BREEZE master - Bob Hawkins; Guide, senior oral archivist, ex Santa Claus  - Mike Montague; TED ASHBY and BREEZE crew member - Phil Speary; Ex guide and crew member, now one of our vessel consultants- Barry Thompson; Guide, chronicler and mine of information on almost anything maritime - Bob Tillett; Long serving steam engineer who continually promotes the museum at local steam events - Graeme Wilkinson; Involved in the restoration of BREEZE and now a crew member - Tom Wustenberg.  Thank you for your efforts over the past 10 years … and hopefully for many years to come.

 Congratulations are offered to Wayne MacDonald - who has earnt his LLO certificate [story]




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