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ted ashby:: Maritime history – e.g. historic new zealand vessels and steam ships & maritime collections of art treasures. NZNMM merchandise and publications.

Museum collects and exhibits a ted ashby diverse range of nautical ted ashby and historical artefacts that represent New Zealand maritime history from the earliest Polynesian arrivals to modern day seafaring.

We collect maritime equipment, models, books, photographs, paintings, drawings, original archival material and periodicals relating to New Zealand maritime history, excluding material relating to Royal New Zealand Navy history and activities.

Our acquisitions programme is centred on specific areas:

Polynesian and Maori vessels and navigation

European voyages of discovery

Settlement and immigration

Early coastal trading

Whaling and sealing

Modern commercial shipping

Lifeboat services, pilotage and coastguard activities

Navigation and marine surveying

Maritime art and crafts

Recreation and sporting maritime activities


Harbour and port history

Members of the public can help us preserve our maritime heritage by donating or lending artefacts to the museum. We are happy to explain the procedures for making donations or loans.

The New Zealand National Maritime Museum’s Library and Archives

Find out about our library and archives and commission research through this page

Opening hours: Thursday 10am – 4 pm Charge: $5.00 to visit the library or if you have paid to visit the galleries ted ashby of the Museum, by donation. No charge to Friends of the NZNMM. Visits at other times are by appointment only. Ph 09 373-0800 x810

Research: We can carry out research for you, for a charge of $20 per half hour. You can be invoiced or can pay by credit card via this site (not secure) Click here if you would like to commission research.

Donations: The library is always keen to accept donations of books and magazines that it does not already hold. In particular we are interested in issues of Sea Spray magazine from November 1997 to December 2000. We are also after any issues of New Zealand Yachtsman and New Zealand Aquatic magazine. Click here if you would like to donate magazines or books.

Immigration records: The library does not hold original passenger lists. We have an Immigration Database which is intended to become a national database of passenger arrivals. Currently it contains passengers who arrived in Auckland 1840-1882 and Otago 1869-1874. It also contains those soldiers who took their discharge in New Zealand 1840-1870 and the Comber Index to ships arriving in New ted ashby Zealand 1839-1889. We can search the index for you (no charge for one surname) if you wish to phone 09 373-0800 ext 810.

Shipping records: We have excellent resources for finding information on New Zealand and British-registered ships. We have a run of Lloyd’s Registers and the Watt’s Index of New Zealand registered vessels as well as other ships registers. The Wharton Index lists all ships that came to Auckland between