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The peter blake America's Cup is currently held by Team New Zealand, and as the rules demand, the competition must be held on the home waters of the Defender. From October 2002 to January 2003, nine Challengers representing six countries, will battle once again in the Louis Vuitton Cup after which the winner sails Team New Zealand in the America's Cup. Before following this latest titanic struggle, immerse yourself through the exhibition in the incredible and fascinating history of this magical trophy.

A truly spectacular exhibition

This audiovisual spectacle, designed as a walk-through exhibition, takes the spectator on board legendary yachts. With an audio headset, viewers literally sail through the fleets in the company ofthe skippers, shouting the orders to their crews. From one cube to the next, the four walls featuring three-metre high screens, allow the viewer to watch the films and listen to the anecdotes in a universe where pictures and music blend with the sounds of the sea and those great sporting moments. The magical images, atmosphere and sounds will transport the visitor to the heart of the action of this incredible institution.

Forty minutes of pure visual delight and pleasure for everyone with an interest in sailing…The exhibition features five films in all – from a recreation of the first legendary race back on 21st August 1851 using Virtual Spectator animation, through the 1930s and the magnificent J Class era; a presentation of the Louis Vuitton Cup since its creation in 1983 to the celebration of the America’s Cup Jubilee in Cowes, 2001. The final film offers a portrait of the tycoons and personalities that have been an integral part of the legend.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the images by walking past the cubes with location-specific headsets that pick up the audio of each film. Some of the footage is being shown for the first time.

Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Newport, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Lausanne, Auckland and Shanghai

This evocative walk-through exhibition, that goes right through the heart peter blake of the America's Cup and the Louis Vuitton Cup, is like a journey on the ocean waves. Excitement and tears, sadness and joy… viewers will experience every emotion as they learn the story of this special event.

Amusing, moving and historic… the Portrait Gallery, features thirty 20 x 25 inch Polaroids of the Kings of the America's Cup and the Louis Vuitton Cup, a collection that was compiled at the America's Cup Jubilee in Cowes last year. Snapshots capturing the spark that glows in the eyes of sailors such as Olin Stephens, Ted Hood, Dennis Conner, Bill Koch and the late Sir Peter Blake amongst others, are all on display.

Louis Vuitton presents the America’s Cup Legend

30th September 2002 – 5th January 2003

New Zealand National Maritime Museum,