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Immigration new zealand national maritime museum records: The library does not hold original passenger lists. We have an Immigration Database which is intended to become a national database of passenger arrivals. Currently it contains passengers who arrived in Auckland 1840-1882 and Otago 1869-1874. It also contains those soldiers who took their discharge in New Zealand 1840-1870 and the Comber Index to ships arriving in New Zealand 1839-1889. We can search the index for you (no charge for one surname) if you wish to phone 09 373-0800 ext 810.

Shipping records: We have excellent resources for finding information on New Zealand and British-registered ships. We havea run of Lloyd’s Registers and the Watt’s Index of New Zealand registered vessels as well as other ships registers. The Wharton Index lists all ships that came to Auckland between 1850 and 1980. The Auckland Harbour Board archive also lists ships that entered Auckland Harbour. Our collection of books contains information on many vessels including photographs.

Maritime personnel: We hold an Index to Masters, Mates and Engineers 1866-1921 (New Zealand) and Lloyd’s Captains Register 1869 (British). Watt’s Index contains an index to captains and the Comber Index lists captains of passenger vessels 1839-1889. The Auckland Harbour Board archive contains lists of personnel from 1871.

Auckland Harbour Board Archives from 1871 on. Prior to 1871 the Port of Auckland was administered by the Auckland Provincial Council. Those records are new zealand national maritime museum held at the Auckland Central City Library. There are some Auckland Harbour Board archives held by the Auckland Regional Council. The archive includes Index of Arrivals and Removals 1924-1985, an index of all incoming and outgoing ships to Auckland. The archive also includes photographs (mostly unlisted), correspondence, minute books, etc. etc.

Printed collections

A collection of around 5000 books on maritime matters including navigation, voyaging, ships and boats, commercial shipping, yachting and maritime crafts. The main emphasis is on New Zealand’s maritime history but the coverage is international.

Lloyd’s Register of Ships from 1834-1999.

Mercantile Navy List and Maritime Directory 1873-1951 (incomplete)

The Register of Australian and New Zealand Shipping 1875-1949 (incomplete)

Lloyd’s Register of Yachts 1932, 1954-1986 (incomplete)

The library has in its collections early runs of rare maritime periodicals for example The Rudder, Blue Peter, The Yachtsman, Yachting, Mariner’s Mirror, Hunt’s Yachting Magazine, Nautical Magazine.

Boat plans
The Museum holds collections of boat plans by renowned designers. These include Bert and John Woollacott, Brian Donovan, Bob Stewart, Bailey and Lowe, and the Brooke family, as well as other miscellaneous plans. There are various conditions on the use and reproduction of these items.


There are large collections of photographs