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was aborted when two luxury yachts started slipping their maritime museum new zealand moorings ahead of Puke!) which was all accomplished safely.

On 7 April, Ted Ashby was called upon to transport the remains of Bishop Pompallier across Auckland Harbour on the journey to the Bay of Islands. The casket was carried from St Patricks Cathedral to the Museum in great splendour and then in the Ted Ashby across the harbour to Bayswater.

Over 150 children listened (mostly attentively!) to author David Elliot's stories of Pigtails the Pirates on 11 April.

The picture shows - Puke and the Brick Boat (photographer - Jane Robbins)

28 February 2002. Our Sailing Sundays are proving popular, with BREEZE almost fully booked for her sailings and goodnumbers on the extended sailings of TED ASHBY. BREEZE and TED ASHBY are working hard with charters, training cruises etc in addition to the regular public sailings of TED ASHBY. PUKE is steaming most weekends.

Last week we chartered both BREEZE and TED ASHBY to an Indian film crew who were making a music video. As seems to be the way, BREEZE had the glory part, with the actors onboard strutting their stuff, whilst TED ASHBY was the workhorse, providing the stable filming platform! However both boats' crews enjoyed the experience and the ability to demonstrate their versatility. (the picture shows BREEZE skipper Stuart Birnie with the video stars). After disembarking the film crews BREEZE headed north to participate in the Warkworth Rotary Club's sailing regatta.

TOM and KRIS KASTLE ... maritime musicians and scow enthusiasts from the USA have offered to perform and give a lecture at the Museum. When? Sunday 17th March Music from 12 pm on the public Museum concourse Lecture about scows in the Sanford Theatre 4.00-5.00pm with tea and coffee. Volunteers, Friends & Museum patrons free, others, admission by donation $5 The Kastles have performed professionally around the USA for some years and have recorded at least one CD which we hope will be available. They are also well versed on the subject of scows.



Rachel McAnnerly and maritime museum new zealand Pete Donaldson of Belmont were to get married this March. In January they decided they couldn’t afford it and postponed all arrangements till March 2003. But then everything changed. While Rachel was visiting the New Zealand National Maritime Museum she entered their competition sponsored by Francis Travel and Wind Star Cruises. This is where the serendipity begins. This week Rachel learned that she and Pete had won a seven day luxury cruise-worth $12,500-00-on the Four Masted Sail Yacht Wind Song- a sailing motor yacht.The Wind Song takes 140 passengers and is a magnificent vessel. Its unique rigging unfurls in two minutes. At the push of a button billowinig white sails reach 62metres (204 feet) to the sky.

Rachel and Pete couldn’t believe their luck. So they turned their world upside down. They now get married on March 28 2002 and set