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Thanks too, to auckland harbour the organisations (Søren auckland harbour Larsen, Line7, Waterfront auckland harbour café, auckland harbour Pride of Auckland) who provided spot and quiz prizes for our evening. There were a number of delighted winners.

Volunteer Coordinator, Richard Pomeroy, (how he found time we do not know!) had worked out a ‘Museum trivia’ quiz of 25 questions. The winner (who was ultimately disqualified because it was deemed that he should have had a better score!) was Larry Robbins, the CEO, who scored 10½ correct. The prize was then awarded to the second place getter who scored 8 correct. The CEO was, however, allowed to make a lap of honour!

During the evening, certificates of appreciation were awarded. These certificates recognized ‘the voluntary work that has contributed to the communityof Auckland’ and were issued as part of the International Year of the auckland harbour Volunteer and were signed by Hon Judith Tizard, Minister of State and MP for Auckland Central, and (then) Mayor Christine Fletcher. There was one certificate for each volunteer on the museum’s strength in June this year. This included, of course, each of the Trustees, who are themselves volunteers.

Our own awards were also made to a number of volunteers recommended by their peers (see above)

A good time was had by all. Thank you Richard and Karyn, thank you Stardome, and thank you, again, to our sponsors.


In addition to the numerous craft which are on display inside (and, in the case of KZ1, outside) the museum, we operate a fleet of waterborne vessels as part of our various auckland harbour programmes.


Named for a famous scowman, and author of 'The Phantom Fleet', TED ASHBY was built by, and for, the NZNMM in 1993.

TED ASHBY is representative of the scows built in NZ between 1873 and 1925. She is built mainly of blackbutt grown in Northland, the deck planking is matai and the hull is sheathed in worm-resistant totara.

TED ASHBY is 57.08 feet in length and 18.5 feet in the beam. She is maintained under the SSM system and is surveyed to carry 48 passengers and a crew of 3.

TED ASHBY operates cruises as part of the museum's Education programmes and public excursion sailings depending upon the season. She is available for private charter and has auckland harbour been used in film and TV work.

We believe NZNMM history was made in February 2001 when the skipper of the Ted Ashby (an authorised NZ wedding celebrant) conducted a wedding service aboard the vessel for two French friends.


Built by the late Ralph Sewell using traditional methods at Tiki Landing, Coromandel in 1981, BREEZE is a brigantine.

Surveyed to SSM standard for 12 passengers and 7 crew, BREEZE will operate specialist cruises as part of the museum's public and education programmes. She is available for private charter and TV and film work (pictured below during filming for a Japanese TV commercial).