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auckland cruises Check here for sailing programme which will resume in November 2002

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For the past 3 years the NZNMM has held a series of public lectures at the museum during the winter. These lectures are a cooperative event with MERC, the Marine Education and Recreation Centre, Long Bay, Auckland, who run an extended series of lectures as their annual 'The Sea Around Us' programme.

We hope to repeat this activity again in August 2003. Please check here for details.

Discovering the treasures of 'Tek Sing' - China's Titanic of 1822

Marine mammals of the Amazon - Experiences from the Blakesexpedition voyages

MicronesianSailing Craft - Common sense sailing another way

Making and Monitoring an artifical reef in Long Bay

Sounds in the Ocean

Science, Sea and Sailing - auckland cruises the development of the sailing yacht

Maori Trading, schooners and canoes

A Marine Scientist in the NZ Defence Force

Sailing the Spirit of New Zealand


Volunteers make a real difference here at the NZ National Maritime Museum and we are pleased to have such a dedicated team.

Volunteers are engaged in a wide variety of projects from researching public inquiries in our extensive resource library/archives, to being skipper or crew on the scow TED ASHBY, steam launch PUKE or sailing ship BREEZE. Others are assisting in the restoration of our historic vessels or working around the museum, while some volunteers chose to be hosts and hostesses in and around the Museum meeting a wide variety of people.

If you have some spare time (or know of someone who has) why not join us as a Volunteer. You do not auckland cruises have to be an expert either in museums or boats. We welcome all who would like to give some time to help us and in turn learn something of New Zealand's maritime history.

It is a rewarding way to use some free time beneficially!


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Orders for clothing are now being taken. Long-sleeve shirts are now available
Congratulations to the winners of our Volunteers Awards for 2001 - Bruce Armstrong and Don Handley for your efforts as modeller and Ted Ashby skipper respectively. Wayne MacDonald and Daniel Hicks were singled out as younger volunteers for a special mention for their hard work and dedication and a special long-service award was made to guide Lawson Burgess
The Volunteers’ Christmas party was held at the Stardome (Auckland Observatory) at the start of December last year auckland cruises under a reciprocal arrangement whereby the Stardome volunteers held their function here. We did not get quite as damp as the Stardome crew who braved the elements for a trip in Ted Ashby after watching Te Waka: Our Great Journey. However we did have a good time. We record thanks to Winsome Russell and Ian Alexander