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the prestige of anmm members the yacht clubs anmm members and the anmm members contrasting personalities anmm members of those involved, from five-time challenger Sir Thomas Lipton to the most recent winners of the America's Cup, Sir Peter Blake and Russell Coutts.

The exhibition is travelling for more than 14 months and is visiting a total of eight cities:

January 11th to March 20th 2002

April 19th to May 17th 2002

June 14th to July 15th 2002

July 13th to August 10th 2002

Hong Kong
August 30th to September 9th 2002

September 29th to December 5th 2002

September 30th 2002 to January 5th 2003

January 28th to March 2nd 2003

The Origins

150years of legend takes us back to 1851 when a British initiative saw anmm members the Americans invited to a friendly competition around the Isle of Wight. As the remarkable black schooner America sailed into the lead and on to victory before Queen Victoria's own eyes, the legend was born.

The America's Cup

That first victory confirmed the technological and nautical supremacy of the young United States. That country went on to hold the Cup for 132 years until in 1983, another former British colony, Australia, took the Cup to the Southern Hemisphere. History went on to repeat itself when in 1995 it was again another young former colony that shocked the American establishment: a New Zealand crew won the Louis Vuitton Cup and then lifted the America's Cup, which they still hold to this day.

Truly impressive regattas

anmm members The America's Cup is an international challenge committing competing teams to the highest sporting, technical and human levels of competition imaginable. But to win the world's oldest and most prestigious sports trophy, challengers first need to win the Louis Vuitton Cup. This contest, in the form of an elimination series, results in the selection of just one team, the Challenger, which alone has the right to race the Defender, the current holder of the Cup, in a duel for the America's Cup.

The stuff of legend

The personalities, sponsors, designers, boat builders and skippers, as well as the quality of the magnificent racing yachts have kept alive the legendary status of these fierce duels. Technique, tactics, team skills and above all, a faster boat, anmm members are what what make the difference.

Today and tomorrow

The America's Cup is currently held by Team New Zealand, and as the rules demand, the competition must be held on the home waters of the Defender. From October 2002 to January 2003, nine Challengers representing six countries, will battle once again in the Louis Vuitton Cup after which the winner sails Team New Zealand in the America's Cup. Before following this latest titanic struggle, immerse yourself through the exhibition in the incredible and fascinating history of this magical trophy.

A truly spectacular exhibition

This audiovisual spectacle, designed as a walk-through exhibition, takes the spectator